Corporate Server


Corporate file server, VPN and secured chat service, e-mail server

Looking for a solution where your corporate data is safe, and send & receive e-mails where only you and the recipients are able to read them? Want to store and share your files with your colleagues securely? In the need to securely chat with your colleagues about anything, also from your mobile?  Our Corporate Server solution covers all of this!

Rent your own server from us! Every machine has a backup solution, so the possibility of a data loss or a stop in the system is extremely low.

The drives of the systems are protected, this means if somebody has physically access to them, they can’t access anything stored on them. We can provide the following services through the servers:

Corporate File Server

A comfortable solution for everybody, who doesn’t have a method to store and share data, or at the moment, the file sharing is made in e-mails.

The corporate files are accessible from all over the world through the secured corporate network.

File Server

Corporate File server services

- 1 TB storage space for the files. Thanks for the rights management, it can be set by folder, who can se or edit them.
- a folder for every colleague, which can be seen by other co-workers
- a public folder, accessible from the internet, where the files can be downloaded, if the url is shared
- thanks to the backup solution, the deleted or modified files can be restored for 30 days

VPN (Virtual Private Network)


Through the Virtual Private Network, you can log in to the office from anywhere, over the internet, it feels like you’re in your office. You can access the fileserver over the secured connection. You can also chat with co-workers, surf the internet over your own secure network, or override IP restrictions in some countries.

Virtual Private Network


Benefits of the VPN

- Can be used on mobile
- You can log in from anywhere, where internet is accessible
- Secured internet connection, which cannot be listened
- Use the office’s IP address
- Forget about regional IP restrictions
- Access to the Corporate Fileserver
- Access to the secured Corporate Chat


Secured Corporate Chat

With the client installed, you can access your co-workers through the corporate network, or via the internet through the VPN. The chat is secured, so the messages can’t be hijacked. The client can be used on mobiles also.

Benefits of the secured chat

- Can’t be hijacked
- Works on mobile
- Accessible from anywhere through the VPN
- The corporate server’s own service, so there are no carrier restrictions

E-Mail server

You won’t be linked to other providers anymore. Some benefits of this are manageable attachment size, secure e-mailing, and unlimited addresses on your own domain, built in signatures. Servers, services and experience you won’t have at everywhere.

E-mail server services

- Unlimited a-mail addresses over your domain
- Expandable storage for incoming and outgoing e-mails
- Automatic, tailor made signatures can be inserted
- Shared folders – more co-workers can read and reply from eg. a support@domain address
- Webmail, imap, smtp, pop3
- Secured connection


Packages and fees

Default package

The package contains 2 physical servers, e-mail support and a “how to” for installing and the use of the programs.
We provide full discretion.

First installation fee: 3.000€
Monthly fee: 500€/month

Office package

This package contains an office- and a backup server, which allows fast access to the files. It’s a must for the internet connection to have a fix IP address, and a minimum of 10 Mbit/s upload speed.

We ship the two servers whit the “how to”, and also provide phone/e-mail/skype support for the first steps. In the future, we will provide support over e-mail.

We provide full discretion.

First installation fee: 5.000€ (includes the two servers and the shipping)
Monthly fee: 700€/month

VIP package

The package contains the two servers for the office with their shipping and installation, and also the two servers for the fast access through the internet, synced with the office servers.

We provide a user and maintenance manual, 7/24 phone and e-mail support, and also a yearly physical maintenance on the office servers.
We provide full discretion.

First installation fee: 10.000€ + travelling fees for 1 person to the location (includes the four servers, with their installation)
Monthly fee: 2.000€/month

Further fees

The package fees listed doesn’t cover the costs of onsite operations, so in cases when our onsite presence is necessary, travel fees and daily fees apply.