Being a manager force us to concentrate on multiple tasks at the same time. Have you ever felt it not possible to keep everything in your mind? With a unique and customized ERP system there will not be forgotten deadlines any more.

An ERP system is precise and correct all the time, and never makes mistakes.

You don’t have to memorize each supplier data, how much they owe you, nor which colleague works on the certain projects or such important information.

The ERP system reminds in time, does the calculations and systemizes all the company data and the routine works.

A basic system contains the following modules:

  • Webshop module 
  • CRM 
    Universal partner data management. Promotion and direct marketing.
  • Trading 
    Making offers. Administration of orders. Requesting for offers. Managing forecasts coming from production line.
  • Register of products and services
  • Store management
  • Fixed assets
  • Ledger accounting
  • Finances, Invoicing
  • Controlling 
    Cost planning, comparing cost plans and facts
  • HR 
    Work calendar, working time schedule and register. Document management both for the employer and employees.
  • Account management
  • System logging

Our organizational development partner examines the processes of your company, cross-checks with the employees and considering the information gained, makes a suggestion for an optimal system for you. With this software we replace the excel tables, the old, hard to use softwares and develop an intelligent system for you.

Beside customizing the basic modules we take custom development as well into the ERP system software. For satisfying the demands, only imagination can set the limits.

Some more interesting possibilities without completeness:

  • Text message (SMS) notification
  • Touch screen terminals as input unit
  • Tablet PC connection
  • Processing signs of machines on production line
  • GPS data processing
  • Integration of access control system, access right management