Card payments

Online card payment solutions for trading and service companies


Would you like to make the payment of your invoices more comfortable for your clients?

Is it tiring to wait until the client makes the wire transfer?

The wire transfer is delaying from abroad?

Your clients are paying in different currencies and the exchange rate is hardly predictable?

WebGarden offers an easy and fast solution for these problems!


We can make the online card payment site for your company in 2-4 weeks, where your clients can pay immediately with credit/debit cards and you can check the transaction promptly after the payment. Moreover with foreign clients the hectic exchange rate is not a problem anyomre!

Our online card payment solution is ideal for trading and service enterprises! You don't need to operate a webshop in order to let your clients pay the invoices. Our card payment page is perfect for this purpose, which will be fully customized for your company.

Our comapny can provide:

  • Consulting for card payments
  • Bank and legal adminsitration
  • Writing Terms & Conditions
  • Administration area, where you can handle the invoices and payments easily
  • Customized unique payment page, which is responsive (which appers on smartphones perfectly)
  • Secure hosting of your payment page
  • SSL certificate
The possibility of the card payment service and fees are depending on the bank risk analysis. Our colleagues can identify with relatively big certainity if your business model fits for the card payment solution.
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