Used computers for the "Állatvédelem Informatikai Fejlesztését Segítő Alapítvány" (foundation for IT to Animal Care)


Our firm donated 11 PCs and 4 displays to the Állatvédelem Informatikai Fejlesztését Segítő Alapítvány.

Environmentally aware office

In our office, we selectively collect the garbage. From the January of 2013 we started to count the amount of waste we send to the recyclers.
We know that this is only a drop in the ocean but we hope that many people will follow the example.


pcs. of PET bottle
pcs. of metal box
kg of paper

Application for High Schools and Colleges of High Schools for supporting study competitions and other events

Many times it is only a little help that is missing for a great competition or a great event. WebGarden is willing to support two educational institutions monthly with tools in a value of 10.000-30.000 Ft, that can be used to organize the event or competition, or to grant prizes.