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Why WebGarden?

Everyone says he is professional and cost effective. We say that too. But who gives 5% of every new order's income to an animal rescue organization? You can take part in social responsibility without using extra funds from your budget.

Just choose us! We'll give you a badge to your website, which shows that you support animal rescue and you can use it proudly.

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of experience
The only source of knowledge is experience.
Albert Einstein
Your project will be in good hands. During this 18 years of operation we gained enough experience to be confident and professional.
Our companies in Hungary, Montenegro and Morocco are ready to work with you. Furthermore we are happy to meet you in your county, your office to discover our mutual possibilities.
Our satisfied clients are companies and SMEs around the world and we have successful government references too.
How we work?
Our main goal is to make our clients satisfied. We find the most convenient and effective way for our clients to cooperate.
Our process
1. Contact
2. Research
3. Strategy
4. Implementation
As soon as we receive your inquiry, we contact you on the channel which is most convenient for you, to learn your requirements and understand your needs. This can be a personal meeting, e-mail, phone or instant messenger conversation.
Our team discusses your requirements and suggests the best solution and its approximate budget.
Based on our research and internal meetings, our account manager presents you the possible strategies. We consult with you and agree on the best strategy or combination of the strategies of the implementation.
Our designer/developer team starts the implementation, which you can check during the development.
Our clients
We are proud of our international experiences, understanding and respecting many cultures and making success stories worldwide.
Our history
We started our business in a university dorm room, and established the company in 2006. The core of our continuously expanding team remained the same. We were able to collect many experience and knowledge, which we utilize during working on our projects. Today, just our Hungarian company has a 2,5M€ yearly turnover, and it’s continuously increasing.
Our homeland
Our HQ is in Hungary, everything started here. Our office is located in Pest side of Budapest, close to most of the embassies. It’s easily approachable, and there are many parking lots near us. The Hungarian company was established in 2006 to make simple websites. Now, our projects are much bigger, like IT infrastructure planning and maintenance, web-based system planning and development for SMEs, corporations and government agencies. We have a well qualified team of graphic artists with a great skill set to make web and print design.
Other activities
We are a multicultural-oriented enterprise with companies in Montenegro and Morocco. Besides our core competences (IT infrastructure planning and maintenance, Web programming, Graphic design) we have other projects, like SkyDream.cam and some other startup ideas, which are in the prototype phase. As a responsible company, we have our own CSR strategy, which is the environmental protection, fighting against animal cruelty and supporting the animal welfare. For this purpose, we established the Special Animal Rescue Unit Foundation.

Join us and become a member of our WebGarden family. Come with us every year to some nice seacoast for team building, enjoy the nice flowers and aquariums, turtles in the office.

Take part in our social responsibility and if you would like rescue animals sometimes. Work with international clients and have always new challenges. Let’s meet!

Corporate Social Responsibility
WebGarden helps the most unprotected ones, the animals. We established the Special Animal Rescue Unit Foundation and we provide 98% of the funding for the operation costs. If you choose us, you can take part in this important work without costs.
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