About us

We started our business activity in Hungary in the 2000's with creating simple websites. Since then, our company and team are growing steadily, and despite of the recent crises we realized increasing net income year by year. In 2015, our net income reached a record of 622 million HUF (approx. 2 million EUR).

Our competitors use mottos with usual expressions like quality, professionalism, knowledge of the latest technologies etc. We offer our services from Central-Europe with something more beyond those.

What we simple say instead:

Inspire the web

In favor of a more successful cooperation, our company delegates a private personal contact for You, like it is ordinary in private banking life. You would be visited at any place of the world to assess your needs. Then we provide a customized solution, like a private bank would do with your funds. Your personal contact continuously follows the project till the delivery and even after then, owing to our “Lifetime support"service. So it is the best place for your IT projects and be sure that our specialists will bring reliable, stable and modern solution to your desk.

We believe in personal relationship and the importance of personal contact. Even if we have strong IT profile, we do not want to neglect the aspect of personal meetings that cannot be replaced by any new technology. Owing to this balanced approach, a substantial part of the contacts and communication take place in person with us, no matter where our partners and clients are in the World.

For us to know our clients also as representatives and contact persons is a key issue, and we believe it is equally important for them too. Our experience has shown that the personal meetings greatly contribute to collaborate as we can understand each other even with ‘half words’ easily.

The key element of our renewed business policy, that we pay the greatest attention to their expectations and needs in order to provide superior services. To this end we assign dedicated personal contact (SPOC), programmers and graphic artists to our clients during the project.

Most of our colleagues studied at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and all of them speak English and many other languages.

Our service is unique in the market with affiliated maximum comfort for our clients, ensuring to meet the needs of individual website and software, create and maintain them, and provide technical or quality support without compromises.

"Quality, deadline, price" are the usual criteria one must optimize when assessing an offer or business proposal. We believe, in order to maximize the expected result over time, we have to put more emphasize and focus on the first two criteria: quality and deadline. (Nevertheless our prices are also competitive so it worth taking a look at).