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We are good partner in all matters what a startup needs.

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We help you to convert your idea to world-wide business. Nowadays a simple idea can spread all over the world generating a multi-million dollar business. Our team can accelerate your success with our software R&D, digital arts and marketing service and revolutionary payment solutions.
We are
prepared for
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Web and Software development

Start-up companies need innovative solutions and unique features. For this special segment, the main focus is on research and development.
Classic and innovative online payment solutions
Easy payment!
Innovative companies may use innovative payment solutions. Our team has good experience and partners in different regions and type of payment services.
With our partners we manage classical online merchant accounts and physical POS terminals with competitive pricing. Online e-wallets, bitcoin payments, mobile and micropayments and various other solutions are ready to accelerate your income. We take care of the legal and technical part of the integration, and help you to choose the best financial institution which fits your business.
IoT server, API, application
WebGarden is a reliable partner in R&D to develop the IoT server background, provide servers, develop API, application and web based user interfaces for your IoT device.
Branding and identity design
A professional branding and identity design helps you to speed up your crowdfunding campaign, investors will have good appetite for your business, and you can boost your sales. We take care of your image, and you can focus on your innovation and business development with a professional background.
Video production
Introduce yourself and your product/service with a carefully composed video clip.

Video introduction/advertisement is a key marketing tool for crowdfunding, sales or to convince investors. Our team has good experience delivering the story, casting, filming, music, animation and afterworks. We provide worldwide coverage to create your image/advertising video.
Mobile applications
Our partner companies are specialized for mobile application development to the well-known platforms. From mobile games to robust systems we are ready to work with you for your benefit. Our company can provide the server and database background and the ergonomic graphic as well.
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Genuine hardware development
Our Hungarian partner company is ready to make the R&D for your idea with an experienced team and many successful projects and references. Let us coordinate the whole project from the hardware development to the marketing. With our one stop-shop service you don’t have to to coordinate many subcontractors, you can handle the whole project with us
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Some more extras


We understand how important security is, and we have the knowledge to ensure the highest cyber security standards.

Accelerating the business

We have a lot of valuable clients. Because we know them, we also know their offers and their needs. We are happy to connect our clients to each other, increasing their business network and volumes.

Worldwide domain registration

International business needs international brand protection. We have experience in the popular and also in the exotic domain name registration. Let us handle your international brand protection!

Design & Printing

We proudly watch how our work became reality. That was the reason of our decision to handle the printing too. And this guarantees that you will be satisfied.

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