Web Design

You will find good solutions with us for everything related to an online existence.

Online graphics, website and online software planning and development, research and development: we have more than 14 years of experience in these fields and we are ready to share it with you, for your benefit.

SME Website

Small-Medium and even Micro enterprises can benefit from our services. Our partner manager will get to know your business and goals.

After we make you a personalized strategy, our experienced designer colleagues will create you a premium webdesign. Our main goal is to make you satisfied. After your approval, our web programmers will finalize the website which will be ready for use.

The websites are available with CMS (content management system) option, or we can do the maintenance according to your instructions for a small monthly fee. We can also provide you the hosting service on our corporate servers for affordable and competitive fees.


We take care of your money. Today, there are a lot of ready-made e-commerce systems available, there is no need to develop a new one because it's time-consuming and expensive. Our consultant will get to know your business model, and we will find you the best option on the market.

We make the design, and if you approve it we can customize the e-commerce system for you. We can also implement payment solutions, and organize a training for your colleagues on how to use the system.

If you have a very special business model or goals, we may not find a ready-made solution for that. This is nearly the only case when it could worth to develop a new system.

Please don't forget: it's not enough to have a webshop, you need good marketing to make it profitable. Please check our digital marketing solutions as well.

Intranet portal

We help you to provide the right information via the right channels, carefully organized and ergonomic way. Today, everything is integrated. Why your corporate portal shouldn't be?

Let's have real time interaction between your portal visitors and your relevant department, even on mobile devices. Of course, there are a lot of data. With proper UI and UX we deliver them easily, and the right info goes to the right people.

Intranet portal or web-based software, which can be used to optimize your workflow, customer experience, internal training, managing databases, track your projects and many other purposes. With these solutions, your company will be effective and you can save money, time and can increase the customer experience.

Let us know your thoughts, where you need to optimize your company! Our consultants will find a solution. If there is already an existing solution on the market, we will find it for you and we will customize it.

If your goals are unique, we will make the software planning and after your approval our colleagues can start the development. If you already have a consultant, we are ready to cooperate with them.

Customized Web Development

If you need something specific, or if you have just the problem which needs to be solved, we will find the solution for you.

That could be a calculator on your website, something which supports your marketing, or even a complex system that you need as a startup or as a company that follows the trends and would like to digitalize the operation.

Sometimes a good idea can generate billion-dollar businesses. Maybe you already have this, and just need a reliable company who will do the implementation.

We are happy to support you with our resources, know-how in IT and our experience in research and development. Our designer team is also ready for new challenges. We know the importance of the ergonomy and user experience on the market.