We love animals

Corporate Social

We believe in animal rights and environmental protection. Our top priority is to fight against animal cruelty and neglect.

These are not just statements, we prove our commitment with concentrated action. From time to time, our colleagues help with rescuing and providing care to animals as volunteers.

We started our activity as a self-organizing group and in 2019 we established the Special Animal Rescue foundation. The main goal of the foundation is to rescue animals even in extreme situations with modern and increasing equipment inventory. The foundation also takes care of the animals and provides foster homes for them until they find a loving forever home.
The long-term strategy is to build a modern animal shelter in Hungary, where the new owners from abroad can spend a few days with the chosen pet, knowing better about each other.
Our clients can help to achieve these goals,
since we give 5% from every new order's income to the foundation.
We hope, we can build the animal shelter soon together
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