We provide a full range of digital marketing and IT services to ensure the solid operation.

We can think big

We have the necessary professional team to provide stable and reliable dedicated service for large companies and government agencies. Our services have the best price/value ratio allowing to make easy decisions while choosing us.
Stability &
Wide range of

From server to pixel

WebGarden focuses on digital marketing (corporate branding and marketing), Development (web, software and mobile application development), IT solutions (infrastructure maintenance and desktop support) and online payment solutions.

Enterprise Information Portal development & maintenance

We help you to provide the right information via the right channels, carefully organized and ergonomic way.
Today, everything is integrated. Why your corporate portal shouldn't be? Let's have real time interaction between your portal visitors and your relevant department, even on mobile devices. Of course, there are a lot of data. With proper UI and UX we deliver them easily, and the right info goes to the right people.
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Web and E-mail server
We know how much data you have to store on your portal. Also, we know that mass of e-mails needs to be stored. There are no limits or quotas. Only redundant, secure and fast servers without compromise. We don't think that sensitive data should be stored in clouds. We believe that sensitive data should always be under your control. This is what we provide to you.
IT maintenance and support
We know how to operate corporate networks. Likewise how to provide effective desktop supports.

As a professional IT company we run your infrastructure with maximum discretion, providing safety, solid operation and cost effectiveness.
Payment solutions
There are many online payment solutions. Different payment methods are popular or available in different countries, regions and industries. You don't need to know all of them. We know and we will share with you. Giving you the best advice will increase your revenue and customer experience. From PSP selection to integration we deliver you the business advantage.
Corporate branding
Having the opportunity to create the identity of a corporation, from the logo to the whole brand guidelines, is a great honor and responsibility, which we understand. Our professional team is ready to convert your idea to a valued brand.
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Video and music production
Video marketing is effective. It is necessary. It is essential. Social media video, image video or even a TV advertisement - our experienced team is ready to deliver it with 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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Some more extras


We understand how important security is, and we have the knowledge to ensure the highest cyber security standards.

Personal consulting

There are many ways to communicate. Despite we are an IT company, we believe personal meetings can speed up the business. Let’s meet in your office in any part of the world!

Worldwide domain registration

International business needs international brand protection. We have experience in the popular and also in the exotic domain name registration. Let us handle your international brand protection!

Dedicated team

You will work with the same colleagues of ours during our cooperation. This is how we ensure understanding each other even from small signs. For corporate clients WebGarden provides a dedicated team, which won’t change during the collaboration.

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