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IT maintenance and support

Revise, realize, operate

Our main goal is to establish partnership with medium sized companies by maintaining and operating their IT infrastructure.

If you recognize one of these:
  • work efficiency is already affected by the slowness of the infrastructure, data loss;
  • the current system administrator or company is overloaded, and You have to wait a long time for a fix, or everything simply breaks down regularly;
  • your company have suddenly grown big and do not yet have a strategy for team working, efficient data storage and sharing, data security;
  • the time has come to modernize the IT infrastructure and you want to make efficient use of the renewed resources;

We are here to help You!

Our job is to revise, realize and then operate your IT infrastructure. And when we say this, we mean:

  • Designing, building and operating your complete network infrastructure
  • Creating and operating an active directory, exchange (or open source alternatives):
    • mail, calendar, network file storage, network printing, address book, appointment management…
  • Cloud management
  • Installation and operation of internal VOIP networks
  • Backup of your data (onsite or offsite), your core system (colocation, if your main location cannot be used)
  • Asset management

We know the struggle of replacing the well-known IT guy, but this isn’t always necessary. In most cases we can cooperate, and help each other to make Your company’s IT infrastructure shine.

Let us help You transform your IT from a headache to a nearly invisible and extremely powerful asset!

We are located in Hungary, but have partners and clients from around the globe, and are actively working with small and medium enterprises, multinational companies and governments as well.