We provide essential IT and Digital marketing solutions for SMEs in one stop shop – giving time for your crew to focus on the operative issues.

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Small and Medium enterprises are doing the hard job. All of them have the opportunity to become bigger, the key is efficiency and innovation. We are happy to add our knowledge to make you bigger, and discover some untouched opportunities together with you.
For a new SME the first step is to create its brand and identity, which will be the first impression for their potential clients. For an existing company it could be a great boost to re-vitalize their identity according to the new trends.

Creating a brand/identity is a precise art, where we make the company logo, slogan, letterhead, e-mail signature, branding guidelines, business cards and the web design.
Corporate server
We offer you our server solution and we have simple reasons. If you rent a server and order the maintenance, you will have everything under control. The server structure will host your website, e-mail service and also your intranet files. Our solution is redundant and we have 60 days backup. Comparing to cloud services this is more secure and confident solution.
Video and music production
High-speed internet is getting available for more and more people. Videos are also getting popular, and giving us the opportunity to make efficient digital marketing on social media or corporate website. Don't miss the opportunity and use the benefits, we help you!

Our professional team will make your image video and commercial, and also create music and sound effects by a professional producer for you.
Payment gateway
Connecting online payment methods is not just technical, but also a legal and accounting issue. We help you in this process to choose the right financial institution, giving you legal and accounting consulting, and implementing the chosen payment solution to your website/online service.
Domain registration
There are many domain registrars, where you can register your domain. Our mission is not just to give you a blank form and wait till you find the right domain. We inspire you with our ideas to find the best domains for your business locally and also internationally.
Webcam service
If you are a touristic-oriented company, we have a great idea! Let's put a webcam to your location and make a live stream, which increases the reliability of your business. Let us create amazing daily time lapses as well. People love them and they might be your potential customers.
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We understand how important security is, and we have the knowledge to ensure the highest cyber security standards.

IT and Marketing in one hand

We believe if you have less contractors, you might have less headache. That’s why we provide our IT and Marketing services in one hand, taking the responsibility for more issues, and giving you some opportunity to relax.

Design & Printing

We proudly watch how our work became reality. That was the reason of our decision to handle the printing too. And this guarantees that you will be satisfied.

Accelerating the business

We have a lot of valuable clients. Because we know them, we also know their offers and their needs. We are happy to connect our clients to each other, increasing their business network and volumes.

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