Digital Arts

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The functionality and reliability of a web-based software is very important, but not sufficient. The software has to be ergonomic, the website, company brand and corporate video have to make leads and need to convince your clients.

We have programmers, designers and video editors in the same office building, which makes our workflow efficient.

As we know the importance of the right appearance, we pay extra attention to the final artwork, continuously cooperating with you during the development.

Corporate Branding

For new companies, or for those, who want to refresh the brand of their companies. Corporate branding consists of comprehensive strategy and artwork which affects the logo, website design, letterhead design, e-mail signatures, company car stickers, packaging, communication, advertising campaigns, csr strategy, colors, which fonts your corporation will use, image videos, social media appearance.

We will summarize everything in the corporate identity manual which defines all kind of appearance and communication elements. The corporate brand should be harmonized with the corporate values, strategic visions, type of industry and many other aspects.

In case of large corporations, we start with a comprehensive analysis, interviews and a lot of research. We need to learn everything about our client and understand the goals, plans, visions, products and services.

After the analysis our colleagues will make a presentation to the board, discuss the key elements and also all the small details with the marketing department. Upon approval we deliver the corporate identity manual and all design elements.

Video & Music Production

Video marketing is effective. It is necessary. It is essential. Social media video, image video or even a TV advertisement - our experienced team is ready to deliver it with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our creative team will consult with you, understand your goals and prepare the script of the video. Once you accept the concept, we start the filming followed by the video cut and the music production. You can follow all steps and freely give us your comments. Our goal is to make you happy and your video profitable.

The necessary technical equipment, softwares and personnel are ready to make high-quality videos which will sell your product/service or convince the investors.

Branding and identity design

For startups and SMEs, the professional identity design could be a key success factor. A professional design means that you, as a precise company can pay attention for every small detail.

We create your logo, letterhead, e-mail signature, web design, brochures, car stickers, packaging and all design elements what you need. In your identity guide we will define the fonts, colors and also show you how to use specific design elements.

Our goal is to make you happy and create your identity which helps you to sell your products/services or make your startup eye-catchy for the investors. If it's needed, we can make different plans for your brand, so you can choose which one is closer to your heart.