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Webcam solutions

SkyDreamCam by WebGarden

  • For touristic spots
  • Hotels
  • Restaurant
  • Cities
  • Municipalities
  • Hotel networks

SkyDreamCam is an innovative marketing solution for touristic spots. We install a webcam or webcams to touristic attractions, and provide live video stream and daily time-lapses on our client's website. With our marketing team we ensure the good position in search engines, and our client will have thousands of monthly unique visitors on his website, which visitors are potential tourists. For more info please visit the brand website:

For Airports

Airports are publishing real time information about the arriving and departing flights. With SkyDreamCam they will be able to show all departures and arrivals on a real time video stream (and also on a recorded video). Many people like to see the aircrafts during landing and takeoff. Let's make good traffic on the website of the airport, implement advertisements to the video and increase the brand awareness. You can find more info on our brand website:

For real estate developers

Are you building a residence complex? Let's show your clients how their home develops. We can make password protected account for all residents to see how the work is going. You will increase the trust and transparency. At the end of the construction we can make a short time-lapse about the whole process, even if it took years. You can use it in (or as) marketing materials and advertisements. For more info please visit our brand website: