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Payment solutions

Now, you can sell anything. Catch your website visitors and use the opportunity to sell your products and services immediately. There are many innovative payment solutions available, and we are ready to implement all of them for you.

Card payment is the classical online payment solution. There are many providers worldwide - some of them are really good, some of them are not the best - with different technical solutions for implementation, different language packs and different pricing. There are specific solutions for different industries and payment processes. You can have micro payments, recurring payments, payments in different currencies, settlement in 24 hour or settlements with rolling reserve periods.

It's important to pay attention to chargebacks and frauds. And of course, many and many other aspects, which you don't have to find out on your own. We will analyse your business and explain you the potential solutions, risks, pricing and advantages for each option.

There are many alternative payment options like real time bank wires, e-wallets, crypto wallets, mobile payments, instant cash delivery payments, vouchers. If you have a wide range of payment options, you could reach more potential customers. In different countries and different industries, different alternative payment methods are popular.

We know this market, and we are ready to collect all possible methods with conditions, pricing, advantages and disadvantages, and make suggestions for you. The decision is yours. If you order the implementation, we will do our work, and you will be ready to accept funds on as many different ways as you have chosen.