IT Solutions

WebGarden's core business is IT. Based on our more than 14 years experience, our clients can have a reliable partner, who delivers the services in time and is also budget-friendly.

Our goal is to have long-term relationships in a win-win scenario for all parties.

Web & E-mail Server

We know how much data you have to store on your portal. Also, we know that mass of e-mails needs to be stored. There are no limits or quotas. Only redundant, secure and fast servers without compromise. We don't think that sensitive data should be stored in clouds. We believe that sensitive data should always be under your control. This is what we provide to you.

You are most welcome on our powerful corporate servers! All of our clients have the same robust infrastructure on our servers in Germany and backup in Finland. We serve the website visitors or web service users worldwide with fast speed connection. All of our data is backed up and our servers are well protected and maintained.

We proudly host your websites, portals, web-based systems. If you need e-mail servers which are secure, spam filtered and with e-mail addresses with your domain name, we are ready to provide this service for you. You can enjoy our [signature] feature, which code in your e-mail body will trigger our server to implement your html and well-designed signature for your e-mails.

Software Development

We specialized for web-based software development. The advantage of the web-based softwares is that they are available from everywhere, and with our secure authorization safe as well.

We can integrate or connect other softwares with our solutions, like we did with the appointment registration systems for the National Health Center of Hungary, or in the one-stop-shop administrative government offices. From small systems to big ones, our consultants will understand the needs, and specify the right system for you, which will be developed by our programmers.

IoT server, API, application

Now the smallest things are connected to the Internet. Many startups develop new things day-by-day, which make our life easier and our planet a better place. Stable and reliable servers are necessary for the important, always running tasks.

The data must be stored in safety, connections have to be secure, fast and 7/24 available. Good ideas and hardwares need professional IT background. This is one of the keys of the success of your products.

We can be involved in the R&D process to develop the connection between your hardware and the server and between the server and the final user together. The device, which you develop will communicate with the server, and the server can communicate with third parties or application(s) via an API. Our colleagues can develop the API, mobile application, web systems, set up and maintain the servers, ensure the security and protect the data and your clients.

Mobile Application Development

Our partner companies are specialized for mobile application development to the well-known platforms.

From mobile games to robust systems, we are ready to work with you for your benefit. Our company can provide the server, database background and the ergonomic graphics as well.

Hardware R&D

Smart devices in the times of IoT are more popular than ever, and available in almost every company and household.

With our partners we are ready to make the research and development of the hardwares and everything behind that, like IT development, server & database background and product design. We can manage the production as well with our reliable partners.


Sometimes you need something unique, which is not available on the market. Let our consultants understand your business model and your needs.

We may find already available solutions, which are only needed to be personalized, otherwise we can develop it for you.

These systems make your operation more effective and you can save a lot of costs, avoid human mistakes and make your clients satisfied.