Digital marketing

It's a very good start if you have a website or an e-commerce system. However you need to be sure, people will find you and choose your products or services.

You can spend millions for marketing on your own, but with a creative team you can save money and your campaign would be more effective.

With us, you can be sure your campaign will be creative and cost-effective. You can use the funds which you save with us to make your products/services cheaper, better or simply just to realize more profit.

Digital Strategy

Discover your goal with us, which could be brand building, product or service marketing, corporate branding and many other digital solutions. We believe in creative advertising, which is budget friendly and effective.

While creating your strategy, we pay attention to the target market and customer type, cultural specialties, your corporate values, your product/service specialties and many other aspects.

Digital Advertising

You can increase your sales or brand awareness using digital channels. We know many platforms where we can advertise on behalf of your company.

Before we introduce the campaign, our consultants will get to know your business and target, and after that we choose the right advertising channel(s) and create the content. If you already have content and chosen channels, we can handle your advertising as an agency.

We advertise on the main search engines, video platforms, news portals, mobile application advertising spaces, weather and touristic webcam live streams mainly. For social media advertising, please check our social media marketing service, but of course a campaign can be run on more channels.


Let's see the biggest search engine, In one hour, there are almost 300 million searches on Google. When looking for something most of the people use this search engine (and of course many others like Yahoo, Bing etc.).

For the word "Toilet Paper" there are almost 1 million searches on Google, which means whatever you are selling, people would like to find it and buy it. The competition is big, so you should be one of the bests to be on the first pages. Our SEO service (Search Engine Optimization) helps you to be the best.

Optimizing your website is a good start, but there are many other aspects of SEO, like content writing and placing to reliable websites and so on. We know all these aspects and we are ready to use them for your benefits.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook: 2,5 billion monthly active users for December, 2019. Instagram: 1 billion monthly active users (last updated 1/25/20). LinkedIn: 310 million monthly active users in January, 2020.

These social media platforms are great marketplaces, where you can sell your products and services. With a creative campaign you can reach your potential clients very effectively.

We are not talking just about paid advertisements. We can generate creative content, which generates organic visitors to your website/e-commerce who are potential customers. Don't miss this chance and let us target and invite your clients on social media.

Content Creation

For organic reach and paid campaigns, content creation is essential. Our specialists are ready to write product reviews, build social media groups, create photos, videos and many other creative contents.

What we need from you are only the target, your product/service short descriptions, and we take care of the rest. As an experienced agency, our colleagues can see the advantages of your products/services, which you don't even think about. Try our services, we'll make you satisfied!