Case Study

Corporate IT infrastructure rebuild
This company has more than 100 employees, and makes plannings, researches and polls, mainly political based. They have a core team, but use a lot of trainees for the tasks. In the past few decades, they grew bigger and bigger, and now they realized the importance of an organized IT department, and that’s the point where we came in.
the company asked not to be named
IT support, Hosting, E-mail server, IP phone, Network design, Microsoft solutions, Linux
The objectives
  • detailed analysis of the company’s profile, focusing on their IT needs
  • IT security advices and user rights management matrix
  • physical IT infrastructure overhaul
  • upgrade and reconfigure the hardware and software components
  • regular maintenance of the hardware and software components
  • on- and offsite support (level 1-3)
  • managing their 3rd party IT services
  • network printing, IP phones, regular onsite backup, colocation backup, VPN, 2FA
„We have more and more IT hangups, the machines are slow and they are slowing the daily work. We should check our IT resources and needs and renew it.”
Analysis and planning

When this company reached us, they were very disappointed with their actual IT guys, but they told us everything from the beginning of their cooperation. We understand that their IT was enough for them for a long time, but since they grew large, they can’t handle the extra needs and tasks. Our first mission was to measure the task, interview the key colleagues, make a profile about what they need. The next step was to collect everything we can from the guys and make them hand over what they have. Meanwhile we have to maintain this large scale but soho environment.


After the analysis and planning, we made a proposal about the necessary hardware and software components, with a detailed plan for the migration of their data and systems, and of course it contained a lot of new services and solutions based on their needs. We started the work from the bottom (and we mean it, because the first step was to empty the server rooms wall to wall), and in a few weekends, the core was running alongside with the main services they needed.


We have been managing their IT for 3 years now, and after the first large scale upgrade we managed to get in details. New resources are being bought, and we are there for them 24/7, if there is something wrong. Since we made processes and brought good practices their whole organization is getting more transparent and efficient.