Case Study

KIA – the government’s time scheduler
The Hungarian government started to ease the official procedures, and made one stop shops, named Government Window, where the citizens can handle most of their official cases. They made a simple online form for the citizens to make their reservations in advance, so they don’t need to wait in the office a long time. This form was a good start, but after the first experiences they started to rethink the process, and at this point they found us, to bring the solution.
Prime Ministry of Hungary
System design, Webdesign, Website and portal development, & Maintenance, Linux, Symfony
The objectives
  • business analysis, legal consultations
  • business process planning
  • website design to meet their style guide and also user friendly
  • database planning, system design
  • consulting with the future operator
  • make the actual application
  • make API-s, to connect with 3rd party providers and with the country’s core authentication system
„For the ease of the citizens life, we need an online scheduler system. This should also manage the Government Windows’ processes”
Understand the needs

The target was simple, but the tasks were huge. A newly made bureau with mostly new processes wants to go online. After the legal advices and the checking of their needs and processes we started the system and database planning. The core needed to be the Government window’s job handler, and the front to be the citizen’s appointment scheduler. The future operator has some restrictions for this application, so we had to plan with those also.

Build and test a lot

After the planning and consulting with the customer, we started the work. The product was a success, everyone loved it. The testing revealed some questions which we had to deal with, but the overall experience was very good. The next step was to make an API for the physical totem provider, so the citizens can get their queue number at the Government window. The largest task was to implement the core authenticator, we had to contact a lot with the provider until it worked properly.

Support and maintenance

After the first year the application needed some extra functions, which have also been added to it, and it works like a charm since the first go live. We learned a lot about government projects and their providers within this project, and since this we worked in many more in the past few years.