Case Study

Special Animal Rescue Unit
Special Animal Rescue Unit Foundation is a Hungarian non-profit organization which rescues animals in Hungary and the neighboring countries, in difficult circumstances which needs special knowledge and equipment.
The objectives
  • create a brand
  • develop the marketing strategy (to find new families for the rescued animals)
  • acquire sponsors for the activities of the foundation
  • create content for the website
  • create content for the brochures, other print materials
  • web and social media design
  • website and landing pages development
  • web hosting, domain registration
  • print flyers, business cards, calendars
  • video and music production
  • store and share the photo and video documentation of the rescues (unlimited storage with backup)
Make Special Animal Rescue Unit well known. Who needs special rescue should remember us. Also, we need to find new permanent homes for our rescued animals as soon as possible, so we can give chance for the others who need help.
Understand the environment

In Hungary there are lots of organizations. Special Animal Rescue Unit is doing a gap-filling activity, so there is a real need for their services. On the other side, there are many non-profit foundations, which are struggling with the lack of funding. Time to time new organizations rise, but some of them don’t have the knowledge, or just divert donations from the old ones, which really need funding.

Special Animal Rescue Unit do not want to take funding from the already operating foundations, so they do not accept money donations from Hungarian private people, only from companies and foreign sponsors. This is a real challenge to promote the foundation and be compliant with these guidelines. The other challenge is to promote the rescued animals, and find them permanent homes as soon as possible.

The foundation has limited space to carry animals, so they can take care of new ones only if the existing ones are already enjoying the happy life with their new families. The image of the foundation should be friendly and protective, but also very serious. This is how we designed the logo.

Corporate branding

As the foundation is looking for companies who fund its activity, the brand should be very professional. The supporting companies are getting publicity on the foundation’s media channels, so the professional brand could be an advantage during the decision-making process. For all campaigns we create online and offline materials (found rising for thermal-camera drone for example).

Business card is essential. It is a very nice gesture to surprise the supporters with a calendar full of cute rescued animals. ID is important for the volunteers, so they can identify themselves during the actions on field.

Outfit on the field during the rescue actions

There are many rescues on high-traffic roads, dangerous neighborhoods. Sometimes they need to enter gardens, houses with the permission of the owners, or the presence of the law enforcement agencies. It is important to be visible, and people should know that the volunteers are in duty, and everybody should help them to do their job or at least not obstruct their work. That’s why we made them a cool outfit!

Responsive website

We know that the animal rescue scene’s main agora is Facebook and some other social media platforms, but there is static information which needs to be available on a website. Moreover, a foundation supported by companies should have a professional website. We understand that many people use social media, but we have to think about others, who decided not to use these channels. Search engines also collect the website data, so the foundation will be more visible and easier reachable in case of emergency.

Fund-raising T-Shirt webshop

This was the loveliest job for us! To make fancy, cool, creative, cute T-Shirt designs for an animal rescue foundation. There was no limit for our creativity. All the T-Shirt designs were made by WebGarden. You can support the foundation if you buy some cool T-Shirts from