Case Study

Introducing a new product to the market
This company is discovering new and revolutionary products worldwide, and introducing them to the Hungarian market. They are the Hungarian importers of many of these very promising products.
Pálvölgyi Digital, website of the project:
The objectives
  • detailed analysis of the product, the international and local market
  • understand the brand guidelines
  • analysis of the international website and social media channels of the product
  • write the content in Hungarian language adapted to the Hungarian market
  • create a video commercial about the product
  • create the design of the web page
  • realize the product website (programming)
  • start the social media marketing
We would like to increase our brand awareness, introduce new products on the Hungarian market and increase the sales on our client’s web shops and stores.
Understand the business and create the brand.

Firstly, we got to know the product itself (Litra lights). We made market research, competitor analysis, discovered the international brand and marketing strategy of the product. As Litra is an international brand, it is important to be compliant with the brand guidelines.

However, our goal was to make something special and unique, we had to follow the brand guidelines. Our colleagues tested the product physically and understood all advantages, which make it sexy on the Hungarian market.

Marketing plan

As soon as we made our homework and preparation, our different divisions started to implement the plans. Some colleagues started to write the Hungarian content, others made the video commercial, and our designers realized the web design. After all artwork was ready, our programmers developed the website.

Bring it all together

The client was satisfied with our work, now we start the social media advertisement of the product. As we mentioned, they are importing many other innovative products, so we are planning our next missions together. We are always happy to plan and work continuously with our clients based on mutual satisfaction.