Case Study

About the enterprise
Timi's dog cosmetic is a small enterprise started to operate in the XIX. district of Budapest, Hungary. The cosmetic is in the same building as a vet.
The objectives
  • create a brand
  • develop the marketing strategy and client acquisition plan
  • create content for the website (text, photos)
  • web and social media design
  • website development
  • web hosting & domain registration
  • print flyers, business cards, renovate the existing sign board
Szeretném, ha a kozmetika kapna egy hozzá illő arculatot, amit nekem és a hozzám ellátogató gazdiknak is tetszik.
Understand the business and create the brand.

Timi loves the animals, she has many dogs at home and horses as well. She works by a vet as assistant and now she is ready to start she's own business. She asked for a full-scale service to promote her new small business.

Timi said she already has ideas for the logo and colours, so we discussed these ideas and implemented the brand of the company.

Marketing plan

After we finalized the brand, we spoke about the marketing.

The easiest way is to share the client base with the vet, which is in the same building. So our goal is to make eye-catching flyers and posters to the building, also some coupons, which are always nice for the potential clients. Helping her in the offline marketing, we managed to renovate the old sign board in the front of the building.

As the online part of the marketing we agreed that the website should be Search Engine Optimized and on the social media we will publish the daily news, keep attracting the social media users.

We gave a consultation in order to increase the social media followers and convert them to potential clients.

Bring it all together

With the eye-catching offline marketing tools, the new SEO website and conscious social media marketing we believe that our knowledge and work turns in to profit for this nice and friendly small enterprise.